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First Visit

New Patient Forms

We ask that all patients fill out our online 'New Patient History' form, Consent To Be Treated and our 'HIPPA' form. These forms provide us with specific information about you and the current state of your health.


Once you have completed all the necessary forms, your doctor will meet with you to begin to gain an understanding of your current health issues, concerns, what you have attempted so far for relief, and what treatment options may be appropriate for you. This is where we get hear directly from you what you have been dealing with in regards to pain, dysfunction and how it affects your life. We find the New Patient Consultation one of the most important parts of your new patient visit. It gives us an understanding of you and how these health problems are affecting your life and what you have tried so far to attempt to resolve them.

Patient History and Examination

For our doctors to determine the actual cause of your problems, they will be asking you multiple questions that relate to your health problems. Next, your doctor will perform a detailed examination of chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological tests to further determine what is causing your problem(s).

X-ray Studies

At this point your Doctor may feel a further need to have a greater understanding of your specific condition. X-rays may be needed to help your doctor rule out a more serious underlying condition(s) and/or assist us in developing the best treatment plan for you. Your X-rays tell the Doctor where the exact area or areas of the spine are involved with the cause of your specific problem(s). The X-rays also tell the Doctor how long these issues have been present in the spine and gives them the necessary information needed to develop a specific plan to address your current health problems.

Follow-Up Appointment

When your Examination and all other studies and tests are completed, your Doctor needs time to analyze all of the information you provided, interpret the tests results performed during examination and study the condition of your spine found on your X-ray images. Usually you will be provided with a next day follow-up appointment called a Report of Findings . On this visit your Doctor will let you know what all of your examination results have concluded and what is causing your condition and whether Chiropractic Care is the appropriate course of treatment for you. If you are a candidate for Chiropractic Care, your Doctor will explain your personalized treatment plan to get you back to the level of Health you desire. If you are not a candidate for Chiropractic Care, your Doctor will point you in the right direction of a different practitioner who is better suited for your specific condition.

Your First Treatment

At this point your Doctor has designed a personalized Treatment Plan specific to your needs. You will receive your first treatment following your Report of Findings if Chiropractic Care was found to be appropriate to treat your condition.

Home Instructions

Prior to leaving, you will be given instructions for any home care activities your Doctor needs you to perform at home to help speed up your care.