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Auto Injury Treatment

Many crash victims feel shaken, but otherwise uninjured at the time of the crash. However, 24-72 hours later, they may become symptomatic, experiencing headaches, neck pain, or other symptoms. Did you know that one of the most stressful aspects of living in modern society is dealing with the problems that arise after an auto accident? Were you also aware that some auto accident injuries are hidden and are seldom detected for months or even years? As a result, two things can occur:

  • 1) an injury is not taken care of properly and the injuries heal wrong, allowing for a greater likelihood of developing chronic pain and complications as a result. These complications are more likely to become permanent the longer they go untreated.


  • 2) the accident victims settle their case with the insurance companies before getting evaluated from a Doctor trained in soft tissue injuries

Once you settle your case prematurely, you lose the right to have your insurance company pay for treatment if you need it. A good rule of thumb is to be informed of your rights and then make a decision. It is our position that if you were indeed injured, you should get the care you need to get you back to the way you felt and functioned just prior to the accident.

Chiropractic treatment is considered to be one of the most suitable and effective treatment for the injuries incurred due to auto accidents. In addition to the effectiveness of treatment, chiropractic treatment is significantly more cost effective for everybody involved. According to numerous studies carried out in various countries and by many groups of medical researchers and scholars, it turns out that the success rate of chiropractic was much higher than other treatment methods.

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